"Hempel's chemical protection guide" provides information on the resistance of Hempel's tank coatings towards a large number of chemicals, and how to maintain this resistance for the longest possible period of operation.

The resistance of a tank lining (the actual film applied) is of course determined by the resistance of the coating material itself, but to a very high degree also by the execution of all work related to the application of the coating

For the resistance categories listed in the resistance table it is assumed that the execution of the job has been done in accordance with "Hempel's Technical Standard for Tank Coating Work".

Hempel's tank coatings have been formulated to meet the individual demands associated with various transportation patterns or various needs for storage

The selection of "the right" coating system must be based on an analysis of the chemicals intended to be carried, and of the typically occurring chemical sequences. Hempel is at your disposal to assist in this process.

The information in "Hempel's chemical protection guide" is based on extensive laboratory testing, combined with field experience, and believed to be correct. However, Hempel makes no warranty nor assumes any liability or obligation in connection with its use. This edition cancels all previous editions.

Data are subject to change without notice.

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